Go forth and rectify

Friday, November 24, 2017

Recently in this space, the Cherokee School District and Superintendent Kim Lingenfelter were taken to task through glancing innuendo that preliminary financial details involving Roosevelt Elementary School renovations had not been made available for public consumption.

We have leanred that much of the “missing” information was indeed made public months ago through Lingenfelter and District consultants and shared with the School Board and others, including our late reporter Ken Ross, who sadly passed away unexpectedly Sept. 30 before he could funnel related information through the proper channels here.

We apologize to the District and Superintendent Lingenfelter for any misgivings in this matter, and invite our readers to glean as much information as they wish regarding estimated RES renovation costs published today in a Page 1 story.

The offer and resulting sale of the RES property to the Cherokee Regional Medical Center for $4 million is an historic development for Cheroke education and the community.

In our zeal to get it right, we all must slow our roll and consider, plot, and plan accordingly to achieve our goals.

We’re talking our kids and their edication. We must be responsible and accountable. And, above all, a team.

Count us in.

(Paul Struck-Editor)