Supervisors OK new stop signs

Friday, December 1, 2017

In Tuesday’s meeting, the Cherokee County Board of Supervisors approved installation of new stop signs at the intersection of 480th Street and F Avenue on 480th Street.

The action came on a Resolution request from County Engineer Brandon Billings.

The Board voted unanimously to authorize the chairman to sign the Resolution. Under the Code of Iowa, the Board of Supervisors and County Engineer are empowered to designate the location and erection of stop signs, and designate certain roads as through roads with the erection of stop signs at specified locations.

There is currently a stop sign controlling northbound and southbound traffic at the intersection, and Tuesday’s action now places stop signs causing traffic traveling on 480th Street eastbound and westbound to come to a complete stop.

In other action, Supervisor Gary Lundquist discussed a proposed remodel in the courthouse to provide additional office space, and presented a bid from Mogensen Construction to construct a wall at the east end of the Supervisor's room and add additional doors to other office spaces in the courthouse for accessibility purposes. No action was taken until details of the project are clarified.

Supervisor Duane Mummert discussed a rebate program through MidAmerican Energy that provides rebates for replacing fluorescent lightbulbs with LED's. A proposal from Champion Electric of Cherokee was reviewed and noted that the annual energy savings cost will be greater than the total cost of the project.

The Board then voted to accept Champion Electric's proposal to change lighting in the courthouse to LED bulbs, including a rebate from MidAmerican Energy.

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