Legacy Grant helps 4-H Shooting Sports

Wednesday, December 6, 2017
Ready, Aim, Fire Members of the 4-H Air Rifle Shooting Team practice their skills.
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The Cherokee County Extension Office thanks the Cherokee County Legacy Grant for helping purchase equipment for the 4-H Shooting Sports Clubs.

The 4-H was able to have a successful Air Riffle club with the help of the Legacy Grant purchasing many things, and they also helped the 4-H Archery club purchase new bows, targets and arrows.

The 4-H Shooting Sports is for youth  in grades 4-12. Shooting Sports is a youth development educational program that uses the skills and disciplines of the sport to assist young people. The 4-H uses shooting sports to teach youth development.

New Equipment - Members of the 4-H Archery Club are pictured here with some of the new equipment they were able to purchase with a Cherokee County Legacy Grant.
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The programs are valuable for helping young people develop self-confidence, personal discipline, responsibility, teamwork, self-esteem and sportsmanship, as well as other life skills. The skills required for the responsible use of firearms carries over into many parts of life.

The 4-H Shooting Sports provide a positive experience for youth, and promote the safe and ethical use of firearms. The 4-H belives that firearm education reduces gun accidents.

Hunting and shooting have been a strong part of our American tradition, and the 4-H shooting sports program helps to continue this tradition through involvement of the whole family.

To find out how to join Air Riffle or Archery 4-H Club, call the Cherokee County Extension Office at 712-225-6196.

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