Out of gas - and patience

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

For as many as 50 years, fuel prices in the City of Cherokee have averaged higher than every other town around, from Sioux City to Merrill to Le Mars to Marcus, to Aurelia to Alta to Storn Lake and beyond.

And for just as many years area residents have complained, pleaded, sent letters, and personally cajoled gas station employees (not their fault), management (perhaps) and ownership (definitely) to get their gas prices competitive - not lower than! - but simply competitive with surrounding towns.

No dice.

Although no concrete accusations have been leveled at our gas stations and/or suppliers, words such as collusion, conspiracy, and greed have been bandied about on the streets and in our stores for many years.

And nothing is ever done, no explanations offered, no relief in sight for area motorists.

Way many Cherokeans years ago simply tired of this alleged gouging of a perceived “captive audience” and don’t even think twice before heading to area towns to fill up, dine, and shop.

Through the years and to no avail the local newspaper has written countless editorials asking why gas prices are always higher in Cherokee. And it’s written news stories detailing the difference in gas prices here and elsewhere.

Again, nada.

We applaud our City leaders for finally putting the pedal to the metal and passing a Resolution seeking answers to the persistent pump abuse in Cherokee.

For the greater good, we urge our gas retailers to come clean and stop “hosing” us with their escalated fuel prices only because they can.