We like this guy

Friday, December 15, 2017

We donít personally know Sen. David Johnson of Ocheyedan who represents Iowa District 1 that includes Clay, Dickinson, Lyon, Osceola and Palo Alto counties, and is one of the most heavily Republican of Iowa's 50 state senator districts.

But we know of him and know countless constituents and fellow-legislators who sincerely admire, respect, and appreciare Johnson for his diligent work in the Legislature for many years.

Johnson, who dropped his Republican affiliation over the direction of the party as Donald Trump neared the presidential nomination in summer 2016, announced he will seek his fifth term and run for re-election in 2018 as an independent.

Johnson said he adheres to the concept that "principle must come before party," and is disappointed that politics in Des Moines has become "bitterly partisan."

Johnson was first elected to the state House as a Republican in 1998 after winning a three-way primary. He won another House term in 2000, then won four terms in the Senate.

Since he left the GOP because of Trump, Johnson has rightly criticized the Iowa Senate Republican leadership for taking him off committee assignments. Thatís the way it unfortunately unfolds in politics - stay in the game or get ushered to the sidelines.

We hope Johnson stays in the game. And we hope his voters realize a good thing when they see it (and have it!), and landslide him back to Des Moines.

This world needs more David Johnsons and no more Donald Trumps.

Or partisan legislators whoíve swapped their backbones and consciences, and brought their own 3-legged chairs, for a seat at the party table.

(Paul Struck-Editor)