Ship of fools

Friday, February 2, 2018

It boggles the mind as we watch blind partisan lemmings continue to board the sinking ship of Donald Trumpís presidency.

Trumpís State of the Union address Tuesday night was proof positive that the catatonic cutthroat is a stone-faced liar, con man, and narcissitic nincompoop boastfully in charge of the former great State of the Union he is rapidly dragging into the gutter.

Itís a mystery to us how anyone can watch and listen to the guy bald-face lie, steadfastly renege on promises, denigrate others in word and deed, and decry and dismiss any and all factual criticisms as fake news and falsehoods.

Most of the time, he stomps out fires that get to close simply by igniting another one and going on his merry way. And this is American leadership from the highest office in the land?

In a way it is quite comical to watch his fellow Republicans hold their nose and clap both hands in support of one more foul, untrue utterance from his persed lips.

Trump has lived his life lying, denigrating othersí value, and buying allegiance from detractors who then go away or join his odorous, fermenting leachate seeping into the cracks and crevaces of one evil domain.

Donald Trump is a fake, a fraud, a feigning fool inexplicably sustained by supporters who canít or refuse to decipher just what he is, what he represents, and the harm he has done and is capable of doing to this great country.

Heís unfit for the presidency and unfit as a human being.

And he should be gone. Yesterday.

(Paul Struck-Editor)