Competitive Prices

Friday, April 13, 2018

High gas prices in relation to nearby towns have been a long-standing concern for the citizens of Cherokee. It doesn’t take much analysis to recognize the serious impact this has on our local economy, as well as the pocket books of our citizens. Numerous calls have been made to management of the service stations here in Cherokee. At first gas prices would go down in relation to other towns, only to unfairly rise again.

You may have noticed that our gas prices have stabilized the last few weeks, and in fact, we are currently lower than Aurelia and Storm Lake (at this writing). We believe this is due to our continued emphasis on the disparity in gas prices to station management, as well as Paul Struck’s editorials in the Chronicle Times.

Time will tell if our gas stations will stay competitive with surrounding towns. In the meantime, I would like to thank our four stations for being good corporate citizens of Cherokee, especially Sparky’s, which led in keeping prices competitive.

I urge all citizens of Cherokee to support our local service stations whenever possible.

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