Supervisors OK insurance renewals

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

At last week’s Cherokee County Board of Superbisors meeting, a Perspective Insurance representative presented County insurance policy renewals for 2018/2019, including a $14,400.19 Cumulative Reserve Fund (CRF) credit returned from the membership pool.

Following discussion, the Board agreed to renew the Iowa Communities Assurance Pool (ICAP) insurance policy for 2018/2019 with a $135,775.33 premium for property, auto, and liability coverage; and to renew the Iowa Municipalities Workers Compensation Association (IMWCA) insurance policy for 2018/2019 with a $63,594.00 premium.

County Treasurer Hedgie Brandt requested a $738.16 tax abatement for properties purchased by the City of Cherokee through a FEMA Flood Buyout Program, with the Board voting to abate the 2017/2018 property taxes on three properties purchased by the City of Cherokee (Parcels 98-07-26-353-024, 98-07-26-483-017 and 98-07-34-226-012).

In other action, the Supervisors heard from Dave Skou, E911 Director, who requested approval to carry over unused vacation time for himself due to staff turnover and shortages, and his inability to take time off.

The County's general personnel policy allows employees to carry over 40 hours of vacation time on their anniversary, but exceptions can be granted by a department manager.

The Supervisors approved Skou’s request to carry over 43 hours of unused vacation in addition to 40 hours allowed in the County's personnel policy, adjusting his current total vacation hours balance to 243 hours as of May 20, 2018, and subject to review of vacation balances on Skou's next anniversary date.

County Engineer Brandon Billings presented utility permits for consideration and the Board approved underground utility permits for Frontier Communication in Section 31 of Grand Meadow Township; Frontier Communication between Sections 29, 30, 31 and 32 of Grand Meadow Township; and for MidAmerican Energy in Section 22 of Pilot Township.

The Supervisors also voted to approve an $11.00 wage authorization effective May 22, 2018 for Collin Johnson, Seasonal Park Technician, as previously approved by the Cherokee County Conservation Board; and a $1.00 per hour wage increase to $24.16 for Aaron Schroeder, Full-Time Deputy, effective June 19, 2018 due to completing a one year probation.

The Board also approved adopting Resolution #2018-09 Inter-Fund Operating Transfer of $975,000 from Rural Basic Fund to Secondary Roads Fund.

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