Tour of Duty

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

our of duty

Too many citizens take our law enforcement officers for granted and look upon them as good time kill-joys who spend much of their time scoopin’ the loop in their air-condition SUVs, harrassing our spoiled, entitled children, and meeting other officers for coffee.

We know different and so should you.

Twenty-four hours a day our “cops” monitor activities in our community and enforce the law so we may all live in peace and safety. Their duties often take them to the frightening, seamy side of society.

Most of us don’t see our officers keeping an eye on and visiting our schools and businesess on a daily basis to offer their services and aid whenever and wherever they are needed. From a fender-bender in frigid winter weather, to bar fights, to explosive domestic situations, to a stray kitten crying for its mother, our officers answer the call.

We learned last week that the City Police - at the initiative of Chief Nate James - will be doing a walk-through of the Cherokee Regional Medical Center - a top-rated critical care hospital. Officers are even participating on their time off.

“This helps us remember where all the hallways are and where they lead to in case we are ever called there for an emergency,” explained Chief James.

What a valuable exercise aimed at better serving residents in medical emergencies when time is of the essence and can make the difference between life and death.

We proudly salute our Police Department, CRMC, and First Responders everywhere for such worthwhile endeavors that benefit us all.

Man, we love living here!