Acknowleding academic achievement

Friday, June 15, 2018

We were taken to task recently by a concerned mother questioning our policy on publishing the names of college and university Academic Honor Roll and Dean’s List students.

She accused us of picking and choosing who to leave in and who to leave out, saying, “These kids work hard for their grades and deserve the same recognition as others.”

In the past, we published those students’ names as the respective college or university mailed them to us, highlighting local students in our area. Now, with the advent of the internet and social media, we are mass emailed a generic list of dozens and even hundreds of students achieving such academic status, leaving it up to us to pore through the list, culling out the names of local students and praying that we missed no one.

We do not have the time or the staff to do this and we won’t. If it’s important to the colleges and universities to tout academic success, and it should be, it should be important to simplify the task to help ensure all media outlets have the opportunity to share outstanding student achievement without having to go fishing blindly for it in a hit and miss fashion.

Our kids are the future. And those excelling in the classroom are special and a cut above. We have no cause to treat any of them differently that any other. We’ll keep trying our best to acknowledge their special achievements as we are privy to them.