Who let the dogs out?

Monday, September 10, 2018

The hue and cry was telling last week about a Cherokee County Deputy shooting and killing a dog classified as “dangerous” that had reportedly attacked two other dogs, killing one of them, the day before.

We have received unsubstantiated reports that the shot dog had threatened or attempted to attack other people and other dogs in the past. We do not know this or make any allegations, but are simply reporting information passed on by credible sources, including law enforcement and other citizens.

Lost in all the noise and aggressive social media storm stirred by the mother of the shot dog’s owner, we are amazed at no mention, no remorse, no empathy for the dog killed and the other injured from the reported previous attack by the dog shot by the deputy.

The fact that the deputy shot the dog on its owner’s property and then lied about it is inexcusable and cost him his job. The shot dog had been classified as dangerous after officers say they were unable to catch the elusive dog after two days of trying before the Sheriff’s order to shoot the animal if found at-large. What the deputy did was legal. How and where he did it was not and it cost him his job.

Now, two dogs are dead. One had a price on its head, the other did not.

We wonder where all its supporters and personal agendas are.