Face to face with reality

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

According to reports, somewhere between 50 and 150 million Facebook account access tokens were hacked last week. This means that your privacy settings may have been breached, and nobody knows who did it.

What is puzzling is why? It’s obvious that privacy is not a concern as most Facebook users want to be seen by as many people as often as possible. They may be happy that even more people can see their wisdom, their lovely and talented children, and their piercing, deeply thought out views on complex political and social issues.

To say nothing of the neighborhood gossip, embossed glory days in Little League, high school, and college, and most recent dining, drinking, dancing, sexual exploits that daily pepper social media. Hey, when everybody’s zooming somebody, who’s zooming you?

Lets face it, Facebook has lost face yet again and we are of the mind that all this current social media interaction - both fake and real - will soon fade to yesterday’s news like The Twist, Cabbage Patch Dolls, Royal weddings and boy bands.


But you didn’t see or read that here. You probably saw it on Facebook.

So, have at it, ye trendy, malleable minds. But tread softly.

Somebody’s watching you…