Supervisors OK tax abatements

Monday, October 8, 2018

At Tuesday’s abbreviated meeting, the Cherokee County Board of Supervisors heard from County Treasurer Hedgie Brandt, who was requesting tax abatement for properties recently purchased by the City of Cherokee.

The Board voted to abate the 2018/2019 property taxes of $2,376.00 on five properties purchased by the City of Cherokee (Parcels 98-07-26-352-009, 98-07-26-352-011, 98-07-27-483-003, 98-07-34-226-022 and 98-07-35-351-009). Four of those properties abated lie in the flood district.

In other action, County Sheriff Jerod Clyde presented a wage authorization for consideration, and the Supervisors approved a $21.37 wage authorization for Stacy McGee, Chief Dispatcher, effective October 2, 2018.

The Board conducted committee reports before adjourning.

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