Have you heard?

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

As the dust settles we begin to realize more and more just what the heck is going on around here!

First, the business community and WITCC announced the Cherokee County Promise, an initiative that provides free tuition through WITCC for related courses than benefit the local workforce.

Then. a few weeks later, it was announced that Foundation Analytical Lab of Cherokee was going to relocate, expand, and add to its workforce.

A short time later, Beck Engineering Inc. (BEI) announced it was locating an office and staff in Cherokee on East Main Street, adding a much-needed professional expertise and value to the entire area.

In September this community rallied together to overwhelmingly pass a $12 million Bond Referendum calling for a new PK-4 elementary school added to the Middle School. Kids and education and someone looking out for them. Simultaneously, the CRMC purchased the Roosevelt School property for $4 million for future CRMC expansion! Wow!

Then came Iowa Food Group’s announcement that they will move into the vacant, former Tyson Foods Plant in Cherokee and process Iowa beef, pork, and poultry, and ultimately ramp up to 500 employees. Yeah, we’ll surely fill that new school.

Last week, just as we first broke the stories regarding those major boosts to the local economy, the Chronicle Times announced the Glaciers Edge Wind Project consisting of 88 turbines to be erected on a wind farm north and west of Marcus in Cherokee County.

The economic benefit of these promising endeavors is gigantic to our local workforce, City and County and School tax coffers, area businesses, and all citizens.

Each of these major developments are much more substantial than the old pie in the sky meanderings many rural communities chase after and too often never catch.

Imagine this City, this County, when Foundation Lab is up and running in their expanded facility with their expanded workforce. Imagine the people and the traffic bustling in this town again with Iowa Food Group hauling in and hauling out Iowa’s finest beef, pork, and poultry delicacies. Imagine 150 workers and then a sustained maintenance staff scurrying in and around this County as 88 wind turbines reach to the sky, their economic impact lasting far into the future.

We call this progress and it has Cherokee’s former sputtering economic spiral doing a 180 and soaring to new heights.

And we’re all in on the ride.