A Civics lesson

Friday, October 12, 2018

There are a growing number of calls in many states for our schools to once again teach “Civics” or whatever trendy title today’s educators apply to it.

In a nutshell, “Civics” is the study of the rights and duties of citizens.

There are a number of varying definitions, although most include a study about being a citizen and their rights, and also citizen responsibilities, an area that students need further development and improvement on.

The number of areas that teachers have to address is growing swiftly from the old three Rs, to such topics as reproduction, contraception, culinary, fashion, and gun safety. Oh, for the days when multiplication tables, vocabulary, and winding down after recess or P.E. were the most difficult topics on the teaching program.

Most of these new topics are mature concepts that can't be taught as facts and figures but rather as choices in life. These areas should really be handled by parents and the wider community. These mature concepts should be demonstrated by example, especially among parents and leaders.

Parents, they are your children. The buck stops with you. It is both your right and responsibility to prepare them for school and for life. Don't just pass it onto some overworked teachers, yet again.

From students’ unchecked disciplinary issues, to failing grades, to absenteeism, to drugs in lockers, our teachers have become our children’s babysitters because parents are too busy, too pre-occupied, or too uncaring to do their job.

And when you’re forced to be the parent, disciplinarian, therapist, career coach, role model, babysitter, and educator, there’s little room left for Civics.