The hypocrisy of an election

Monday, November 12, 2018

It was telling in many ways during last week’s election when a shaken 4th District Congressman Steve King, then trailing Democrat challenger JD Scholten by 2 percentage points and thousands of votes, was interviewed on Sioux City TV ranting about out-of-state monies from wealthy left wing fat cats spreading lies and criticism of him.

Representing the party most say wrote the book on attracting “out-of-state” money from fat cats (see Koch brothers, oil barons, PAC predators, investment/financial speculators) King’s nit-fit rang as hollow as the Congressman enrolling in a Rosetta Stone class.

Although he ended up winning, the interview was pathetic as just midway through the election a panic-stricken King served a pre-emptive concession speech attributing his possible loss strictly to those gosh-awful out-of-state funds that financed ads telling all the lies about him.

Not once did he accept any personal blame for anything he might have said or done to sway voters away from him. Not once did he mention any political issues that may have buttressed his cause at such a critical juncture. Not once did he credit his challenger for posing the toughest threat to his 4th District dominance fueled solely by his being a staunch conservative Republican in a stanch conservative Republican sector of the state. Not once was he a gracious loser, which was a strong possibility at the time.

When it’s never you when things go awry, it’s gotta be everybody else. Man, this guy is more like Trump than anyone gives him credit.

So Steve King won again, simply meaning that more people voted for him than against him. Let the gloating begin. The man has done a lot of things right and a lot of things wrong in his tenure as Congressman.

That TV interview was one of his wrongs. Really wrong, as it gave us a look in the window of who we’re dealing with.

Somebody please pull the shade.