Searchiní every which a-way

Monday, December 3, 2018

As the City, County and Cherokee Regional Medical Center conduct their respective searches to fill vacancies at critical positions, we wish them well in this vital undertaking that will impact their operations and this community far into the future.

City Administrator Sam Kooiker has resigned to return to his home ground and serve as City Manager of Sheldon.

Cherokee County Engineer Brandon Billings has resigned to return to his home ground and serve as County Engineer in Mason City for Cerro Gordo County.

And CRMC CEO/President Matt Johnson has resigned, with his future plans as yet undecided or announced.

Formal searches are now under way to replace them.

These are three key positions in this community and all three men have been exemplary in their jobs and as contributing, supportive members in this County.

They were valued greatly while here and will be missed not only by their employers and respective staffs, but by all County citizens.

Every community needs qualified, dedicated leaders in vital professions. Judging by these three men leaving us, we are confident those in charge of finding their replacements know how high the bar has been raised and will do their homework to proceed accordingly.