Staying Engaged Over Winter Break

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Can you believe winter break is almost here?! While we at the Cherokee Public Library certainly hope it will be a peaceful and restful one for your family, we also want to make sure your children go back to school in January eager and ready to learn, and that can be a little difficult breaking the normal school-day routine. Here are a few tips that we have which can help make sure the holiday break goes over well!

Build in lots of time for reading! Just because it is winter break does not mean that the books go away! Winter break is the best time to read books for fun, because a lot of times the weather is not exactly ideal to go out and play until the street lights come on (which would probably be before dinner anyhow). So whether itís your childís favorite comic, story, or holiday tale, be sure to visit us at the library or even the bookstore to gather the books that your child is interested in. Encouraging relatives to also give books as holiday gifts is also a great idea and reinforces that reading should not only be for school, but can also be enjoyable.

Writing holiday cards or thank-you notes are another awesome activity. The holidays are a great time for a child to show love and thanks to the people in his life. You can use this opportunity to also reinforce your childís writing and drawing skills. It is also a great opportunity to let your child help tell the story for how your year has gone. What did they best remember from the year? What memories did they make with friends or other family members? This sort of connected learning reinforces multiple disciplines from school.

Finally, get out of the house! It is tempting to stay warm indoors surrounded by new toys and technology, but it is also nice to get out of the house and see new people and places. Stop by the library and participate in one of the many activities we have going on during the winter break! There are also plenty of other kiddos to socialize with during the break, as well as activities for the whole family such as board games to play in the library or puzzles to check out and take home with our DVDs or books. There is also plenty of WiFi to go around setting up any new device you may have received and knowledgeable staff who enjoy engaging with patrons.

With that being said, I wish all the readers of this column the happiest of holidays and warmest wishes rounding out the end of the year. 2018 has been an amazing year for the Cherokee Public Library and I am truly excited to start sharing some of the things we have in store going into 2019!