TV lookin’ pretty!

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

ust sit there and look pretty.

And if your sweater fits in a comely fashion and your skirt rides up just a modest bit, well that’s a real bonus. You’ll have a wonderful, successful, financially beneficial career here at LEER TV.

If those aren’t the exact words a producer conveys to an aspiring female TV “journalist,” it’s the exact perceived requirement for a woman to get the job. The problem with it is that most of these women have no problem with it.

Turn on any TV channel and whether it be a news or sports or game show, there’s bound to be a beautiful woman somewhere.

The TV news shows are brim full of beautiful women who sure sound like they are intelligent and capable of navigating complex issues with expert analysis and a proper grasp of protocol.

Perhaps they all are. What a coincidence.

But the single identifying factor they must possess is their stunning beauty, as always enhanced by professional make-up artists and fashion designers able to cross all the T’s and dot the I’s in disseminating timely titillating insightful information. To dazzle, you must first be bedazzled…

And David Muir takes the set every night in the same coat and Fareway tie, and Lester Holt appears in the same white shirt and groomsman’s rental vest - attire they’ve both worn ever since they’ve been there.

Go figure.

As long as that figure is Va-Va-Voom!