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Friday, February 1, 2019

HOLSTEIN - Some homes in Holstein were without water while others had to boil their tap water after two water mains burst Tuesday due to persistent sub-zero temperatures.

After much angst and dedicated workers laboring in frigid temperatures to remedy the problem, the call came in around 11:00 a.m. Thursday that the water was clear for use. 

"One break has been repaired with a crew working overnight, and the other one located at the intersection of Cleveland and Highway 59 is currently being worked on," said City Manager Theresa Pundez Thursday morning. 

"Water samples will be taken for testing which usually takes about 18 hours to receive the results. Then we'll notify everyone when the boil alert has been lifted," said Pundez.

Lukens Construction worked through the night in sub-zero temperatures Tuesday to repair the largest break which was on the north end of Main Street by the elevator. Water spewed from a manhole cover flooding the streets for half a block. SCE Construction of Cherokee was called in to fix the break at the intersection of Cleveland Street and Hwy. 59, finally completed Wednesday afternoon.

The water had to be tested for contaminants and was sent in to Mangold Enviromental in Storm Lake.

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