Housing the James Gang

Friday, February 1, 2019

We feel the need to respond in support of Cherokee Police Chief Nate James and his budget request for funds for the construction of a garage to house their vehicles on the adjacent lot west of the Police Department on West Maple Street.

No, this is not about coddling cops while seeking favor, although we all should coddle our law enforcement officers for the thankless job they are assigned to ensure public safety in the face of any and all danger. Every law officers we know is on call 24-7 and we thank God for what’s in them that compels them to so courageously serve.

Coming and going by the CPD at all hours through the years, many times we’ve seen an officer scraping snow and ice off their vehicle before heading out to monitor the City’s activity, answer a call, or respond quickly to an emergency. When the temperature is frigid and sub-zero, the possibility of pausing for a jump start means wasted time and lives possibly in the balance.

Our police have much more important things to do than scrape snow and ice, and defog windshields, before responding to any and all calls.

And while we wonder why this issue hasn’t surfaced before and already done with, we implore the City Council to give full merit to the Chief’s request and build an adequate garage.

We did some checking with area builders, and dependent upon any extras, materials for a two-vehicle 26X28 garage with overhead doors and walk door costs in a range of $7000-$10,000, with labor and concrete floor approximately doubling that number. Any in-house or volunteer labor would sharply reduce total costs. Also, our amiable, civic-minded local contractors might seize the opportunity for a quick in-and-out job to get the kinks out early spring and shoot the City a favorable price.

Just sayin’.

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