How high’s the water, Mama?

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Just a wild guess, but Cherokee and much of the Midwest could experience flooding in a month or two if there’s a rapid thaw after all the snow and sub-zero temperatures prolong winter.

And who’s to say we won’t get more snows and frigid temps in March and April as we have in the past?

With this in mind and our costly flooding history judge and jury, the City, County, DNR, EPA, and State and Federal governments should pause to consider taking some flood-prevention measures in the future.

That Little Sioux River isn’t going anywhere except out of its banks and into our “greenspace” that used to contain homes and businesses when Cherokee boasted a population over 8,000 just a scant 40 years ago.

This City is well familiar with flood mitigation, buzz words for FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Administration), that has invested considerable money in Cherokee because of Little Sioux River and RR Creek flooding.

Some residents are calling for a dike to be constructed through the town that would channel high water right on past. While benefiting the City’s flooding, this would only move the problem downstream. Heads up, Quimby, Washta, Correctionville, and all points south where “our river” empties into the Mighty Mo at Little Sioux, Iowa.

Conservationists say we created the problem by “channeling” portions of rivers to accommodate development and crop ground expansion. Let ‘er flow is their battle cry for rivers to run naturally, spilling over onto “marginal” ground and watershed prairie and sloughs just as nature intended.

Perhaps there’s a happy medium out there we have yet to consider.

That is if wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, earthquakes, border walls, and sitting autocrats smug in their amoral abyss don’t distract us.