We see you, spring athletes

Monday, March 25, 2019

The dedication and admirable work ethic of our area prep spring sports athletes

was seen all over the place this late winter and early spring as runners hit the streets and sidewalks, tennis players beat the ball against a gym or garage wall, and golfers swung clubs and practiced putting in the gyms, basements and living rooms.

Of this, champions are made and coaches defined, as snow-covered facilities, freezing temps, or bitter northwest winds hammer spring sports and their athletes every year in Iowa.

We love our kids and their athletic pursuits. Thereís nothing better than to greet sunny, warm spring weather while watching our hometown kids compete in a track and field meet, or a tennis or golf match. And knowing baseball and softball are just around the corner.

Athletes train, condition, and practice over and over to improve their skills as dedicated coaches also brave the elements to foster their knowledge, talents and experience all designed to make our kids better when they leave than they were when they first arrived.

Parents, appreciate and encourage your children that every day canít be Sunday - that when adversity calls, answer the door and send it on its way. Doing your best no matter the circumstances will always trump winning. Itís the journey you must make while coping with the good and bad.

Pay those dues, young athletes, and above all appreciate and savor the opportunities you have to achieve and excel in your sport.

For your labors and failures are what makes success taste so sweet.