Anybody home?

Monday, July 1, 2019

We give short shrift to anonymous emails/letters we receive, whether critical or in praise of our opinion pieces.

If you care enough to have an opinion, put your name on it and send ‘er in! If you request anonymity you’ll get it. If you want your message to stay confidential, it will. No big whoop.

A couple recent editorials have drawn the ire of a few cowardly critics who called this writer a racist, misogynist, White Suprematist, and all around stupid fool. Me thinks they might need more ongoing education or have other issues that Trump those with their jack-ass newspaper editor.

It was inexplicably alleged that when we praised dads for Fathers Day, we slighted and offended minorities, Blacks, Jews, women, mothers, and possibly songbirds, baseball and apple pie.

Just a heads up, Mystery writer, big boys can take the verbal shrapnel, even when you criticize their punctuation.

Did we forget to put a question mark after WTF?