Git ‘er done

Monday, July 15, 2019

Doing nothing wasn’t the answer.

We applaud the City Council and employees for finally addressing the deplorable condition of our flooded City park land following this spring’s record flooding on the Little Sioux River and Spring Lake Park.

We understand the scope of damage and the tremendous eyesore it had become while the City waited resolutions from a strapped FEMA and other sources.

This year’s flooding was the worst and deposited a convoluted mess of sand, silt, and gooey, stinky sludge beneath the sand cover that only decayed and intensified as frequent rains fell throughout spring and early summer.

And then came the weeds and related ugliness on our normally well-manicured greenspace.

Parks Director Duane Mummert and his thin staff do a remarkable job caring for our parks. But the recent floods really left their mark, overwhelming City crews and equipment.

We also heartily commend the Council for deciding to re-open the north route through park land into Spring Lake Park We need to save that road for proper and scenic access and park user convenience.

There’s great expense at clearing the silt and muck, Perhaps there is grant money out there? Also we encourage the City to reach out to area heavy equipment operators to negotiate a reasonable and fair price to restore our beautiful park ground to its former luster and availability.