Letter to the Editor

Letter to the editor

Thursday, August 1, 2019

The Miller Report

To the parents and taxpayers of the Cherokee Community School District:

Now that I am officially done with my employment with the District, I would like to voice my opinion on the District as a whole. We have one of the best teaching and support staff that a district our size could ever hope for. The teachers are well educated and committed to the youth and young adults they serve. It is totally unfortunate that the district allows the professional bullies that we have in administration to target them and run them out of the district. I have witnessed teachers sitting at their desks in tears from fear of being the next target. Retaliation should not be allowed but has become a norm in the district. How many more great teachers, coaches or other employees are we going to

run out before something is done about the problem? I think some people need to realize who the “boss” is and who pays their wages. Parents, please do not hesitate to enroll your children in the district in fear of not being educated. The teachers are dedicated to the students even if they know they are being targeted.

Thank you to the Board for your hard work but please clean this mess up.

Jeff Miller