Library News

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Summer 2019 is officially in the books! A great time was to be had for all of our summer reading participants, both youth and adult. We had hundreds of books logged and thousands of pages read, all in the spirit of continuing to read even when the weather is inviting us to spend our time outside rather than in. Congrats to all of those who participate, and special congratulations to those who won prizes grand prizes (although Iím sure we can all agree weíre all winners for having read some pretty great books.)

Iím trying to think if thereís anything newsworthy going on at the library and we had a HUGE rollout last week of our new ILS, Apollo. Iím wholly on the Apollo hype train because this new systems improves on many of our services, as well as assists patrons to do more with an interface which looks good on both mobile and desktop devices.

I think the biggest ďwinĒ for the library is that our catalog isnít as ďtouchyĒ for a lack of a better word. Previously, when one would search for a term like polar bears, that subject may not necessarily show up within the search results! The same could be said for certain titles as well, especially if they contained a Boolean operator. I donít know about any of you, but I know that I will never be able to fully memorize all 32,000 plus materials in our collection as well as remember which materials are out to which person. Itís not happening and will never, ever happen, so thatís why it is important for us at the library to have software which streamlines the process and makes us more efficient in finding materials.

Finally, I would personally like to thank those who attended our Teen Advisory Board meeting last night. We had over 10 teens participate, and gained insight from a few parents too whose tweens and teens were unable to make the meeting time. Iím amazed and inspired that we have youth in our community who want to see the library succeed and be a welcoming place for all. While the meeting started out addressing teen needs, we also talked about youth services for elementary grades and even toddlers. I gained new insight since many of these members have siblings or cousins they watch or interact with regularly, and how articulate they were in addressing ways that the youth department can address these needs. We will have another meeting sometime in late November or early December before the holiday season.