Letter to the editor

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

We have been putting off writing this letter as we thought things would improve with all the pleas from parents and community members. Things appear to be festering and getting worse.

Joyce taught at WHS for 19 years. Mike graduated from WHS. We have three daughters who also graduated from WHS. We have six grandchildren in the district. We love our school district. This discord is very disturbing. Cherokee has great teachers. We can not keep losing them.

And now, because of leadership that is not a good fit to our district, we have lost paraprofessionals, physical plant and grounds director, too many quality teachers, and a valuable school board member who has decided not to run again because of the turmoil.

It is hurtful and concerning when attending (school) meetings in various cities in Western Iowa and their school administrators ask, "What is wrong. What is going on with the Cherokee Schools?" This can not go on. Change needs to be made, starting at the top of the leadership team.

Listen, Cherokee citizens. Please vote for school board members that are willing to make these changes. For our students, for our community, and for our growth, let's get this done.

Mike and Joyce Bechtel


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