8 file for Cherokee School Board 4 seek three posts at MMC

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

A renewed interest in the District fueled by controversy has resulted in eight candidates seeking three positions for the Nov. 5 Cherokee School Board election.

Past history shows voter apathy in many school elections with Districts sometimes forced to recruit candidates. This is not the case in Cherokee District this year as public comments by outgoing faculty and staff the past few years have raised concerns in many corners about District leadership.

Terms are up for Cherokee Board incumbents Paul Fuhrman, Laura Dawson, and Logan Patterson, with Fuhrman and Patterson seekling another term and Patterson leaving the Board, citing “the turmoil” in the District and that he was tired of “beating his head against the wall.”

The other six candidates who have filed include Patty Brown, Angie Anderson, Korriance James, Jodi Thomas, Dee Murphy, and Trever Kinnnitz.

In the MMC District, four candidates are seeking three Director-At-Large posts, including Karla Prunty, Christopher Ruskamp, Danae Dreckman, and Laura Staab.

Sept, 19 was the filing deadline and candidates have until Sept. 24 to withdraw. Sample Ballots will be coming soon, according to Cherokee County Auditor Kris Glienke, Commissioner of Elections.

The School and City elections are now combined in Iowa for the first time and are Nov. 5 in all precincts.

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