Tyler Hahn, At the Library

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

I wanted to take a chance in this article to thank the Friends of the Library. For those of you who do not know, a Friends group can help raise funds for special library projects. Friends groups are excellent at attracting publicity and encouraging good public relations and good will for a library, and our Friends group is no exception.

The library’s fundraisers throughout the year are actually sponsored by the Friends group. The two major fundraisers which our Friends groups hosts are our Crazy Days book sale, and the annual basket auction. There is a ton of work in both the book sale and also the baskets, which these volunteers take care of out of their love for reading, the library, and the community at large. Proceeds from the Friends various fundraisers go to fund a lot of our special projects at the library; from the popular KeeCon miniature comic convention, to our yearly summer reading program. I know I’ve written extensively in the past on how much time and effort it takes into the planning and implementation of the summer reading program, and a lot of the performers, maker Mondays, and other activities would not be possible without their tireless work raising funds for the library. I recently received a call from one of the Friends members offering to assist further with the 5-6th grade book club. There are a lot of times when purchasing the books for the book club was coming out of my book budget for the youth department, and I was purchasing water for the club members out of my own pocket. As soon as these loving and concerned people learned of this they stepped up and offered to help with both books and snacks for the rest of the year! I cannot thank this fine group of individuals enough for all they do for my position in the youth department, our library, and the community at large. Thank you, thank you!

In other news, hopefully you have had a chance to stop by and see the new carpet in the youth department (we’re loving the new carpet smell yet!) This rest of the library will also be receiving an update in carpet, so be sure to keep your eye on our articles, ear to the radio, and a presence on our social media for updates on times with that. I think Zach and I have a handle on how to efficiently move shelving at this point!

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