New airport taxiway takes flight

Wednesday, November 6, 2019
Cherokee County Regional Airport's new taxiway under construction.

The construction project for the new Cherokee Airport Partial Parallel Taxiway (Apron to Runway 18) is well underway.

The airport has six goals in mind: safety and security for the airport, provide an airport with existing and future needs, availability on the ground and air, support economic development, establish planning for airports in Iowa, and to provide education on aviation. With those goals in mind, the new taxiway is a welcomed addition.

Brian Lauck, the manager of the Cherokee County Regional Airport, had this to say on the new taxiway's construction: "We are building this new taxiway for safety reasons. Before construction, our aircraft had to go out onto the runway. This will also help with lowering our approach as well."

Lauck was later asked what his opinion on the new taxiway was. "This is a great thing.", said Lauck. "This will make things safer for everyone involved and will be very good for the community. The new taxiway ended up costing $750,000. We got the money from federal grants, and we can't thank everyone enough for the support."

Near the end of the interview, Lauck was asked if there was anything that the community could look forward to at the airport for the future. "We have some general improvement planned, but it wont be ready for about 10 years. It will depend on how things are looking for us in the future."

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