Ernst’s Trump loyalty ‘sleighs’ us

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

As Iowa Senator Joni Ernst goes after Rudolph while letting Santa slide regarding the Trump Administration’s ethical abuse of the Renewable Fuels Standard that is crippling the Iowa ethanol industry, we remain frightened and annoyed by the bold, all to frequent, display of partisan politics while ignoring the good of the constituents.

While this “of the people” thing be damned, both parties compromise principles and freely subscribe to this pitiful practice that serves no purpose but to defer and default personal opinion, constructive resolutions, and preventative measures.

By issuing waivers to oil refineries to dodge EPA RFS regulations, the Trump team is gaining favor with and soothing the beast called Big Oil. PAC monies and tax breaks for the wealthy sure come in handy in an election cycle!

Ernst, an intelligent, pretty, accomplished, coy and demurring woman, has refused to directly address this EPA dodge ball strategy that is critically damaging her home state’s corn producers and ethanol industry, and simply is calling for EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler’s head. She ignores the fact that the feeble EPA minion is merely carrying out orders from the Trump Administration.

True to form, Ernst has shown a history of letting others carry the banner and continues holding the party line when confronted with tough questions about tough issues in Washington affecting Iowa.

Say what’s on your mind once in a while, Joni! Skirting an answer is never an answer.

No politician should check their backbone at the door when seeking and attaining office and its financial windfall. They must have a responsibility to constituents, the courage of their convictions, and accountability for a day’s work for a day’s pay, regardless of party loyalty.

Just because she’s willing to gives Santa a pass shouldn’t mean she gets one, too.

(Paul Struck)