Mayor & Council City election results

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Several City berths in the combined City/School Elections Nov. 5 in Cherokee County featured challengers and incumbents as winners, with the status quo remaining in Cherokee, the County Seat with three Council incumbents winning re-election.

Cherokee At-Large Council member Chad Brown received 911 of 932 votes cast, with 21 write-ins; Ward 1 incumbent Amy Loughlin received 442 of 447 votes cast and five write-ins; and Ward 3 incumbent Wayne Pingel received 271 of 277 votes cast, with six write-ins.

Loughlin was serving out the partial term of former Council member Jim Agnitsch who resigned before completing his term.

Three candidates were after two Aurelia Council seats, with Cindy Nelson receiving 116 votes, Robert Stroud 90, and Courtney Bruce 88, with four write-ins and 298 total votes. Unopposed Aurelia Mayor Gene Suhr got 141 of 147 votes cast, with six write-ins.

The two-way race for Marcus Mayor went to incumbent Harlan Hansen with 317 of 483 votes cast, and challenger Steve Galligan netting 154. There were 12 write-ins. Four sought three Marcus Council positions, with Matt Schmillen tallying 424, Beth Enneking 367, and Charissa Franglone 255. Carl Nelson received 219 and there were 10 write-ins.

In Meriden, DJ Sechler was re-elected Mayor unopposed with 31 votes. Four Council At-Large posts went to Michael Ellis with 29 votes, and write-ins Michael Dunn and James Thatcher three apiece; and to Brian Shea 29 votes, and Joe Peterson 23 votes. There were 86 combined total votes cast.

Dean Schnoes garnered 36 write-in votes as Mayor of Cleghorn, and there were 9 other write-ins. Three Council At-Large posts went to Joe Schlenger 62 votes, Greta Petersen 60, and Susan Briese 52. There were four write-ins.

For Larrabee Council At-Large, Ricky Van Order and Beau Rose each netted 10 votes of the total 24 cast, and there were four write-ins.

Quimby Mayor Betty Woltman was re-elected unopposed with 41 votes and 11 write-ins. Unopposed Quimby Council At-Large members Willis Allbaugh 46 votes, and John Spengler 43, were re-elected and there were 11 write-ins.

Washta incumbent Mayor Don Parrott tallied 43 of 65 votes cast, with 22 write-/ins. Four candidates sought two Council At-Large posts, with Blake Roepke receiving 51 and Valarie Olson 46 of 128 total votes. James Joy got 17 votes, and Paul Meters Jr. 13. There was one write-in.

City winners officially take office in Janurary 2020.

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