At the Library

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Hello again, readers! Cherokee had an amazing opportunity last Wednesday to host regional training for librarians on the topic of building story time toolkits. I know that story time doesn’t sounds necessarily like a “skill”, in that what typically comes to mind is sitting in a circle on our pockets with our hands on our lap. Don’t make a sound though, or the librarian will give you a “SHHHHH” hurricane of shame!

No, story time isn’t like that. We wiggle, we jiggle, we dance, we sing, we imagine, and we play. Yes, we throw in a random craft too because we can and it’s fun. Over thirty five librarians from northwest Iowa drove a considerable distance to learn skills to better facilitate their own story times, as these skills do not necessarily come naturally or easy.

Did you know that the overwhelming majority of libraries in Iowa are staffed solely by a director? That is the case for many of the rural libraries in our community. Cherokee is fortunate to have the funding from the city to fund a dedicated youth services librarian. Other libraries though may not have the same resources provided by their cities and counties, so training like this is essential for them to be able to help the youngest patrons in their community with both improving literacy and outreach. Angie Manfredi, our State Library Youth Services Consultant, did an amazing job sharing resources and strategies for all of our libraries! We definitely look forward to her being around Cherokee and northwestern Iowa more often!

In other news around the library, there is a ton of remodeling going on with the new carpeting. The upper level has been completed, and now the lower level is in progress. Service interruptions should be kept to a minimum, as Tonya and her crew are quite speedy at getting the old carpet out and installing the new. Our annual book basket auction is also underway until noon on December 7! Be sure to stop by the lower level and bid on one or more of the amazing gift baskets donated by generous local patrons and businesses. Be sure to keep an eye on the library’s social media and articles in the newspaper! We have a lot planned going into the holidays to share.