‘Let us do what we do’

Friday, November 15, 2019

‘Let us do what we do’

The Lopez Foods management team was in town Tuesday assessing the renovation process of their newest acquisition - the former Cherokee Tyson/IFG meat processing plant - and sharing plans going forward with community members at a spiffy Meet & Greet at the Cherokee Golf Club.

The well-attended social gathering impressed all members of the Lopez braintrust with CEO Ed Sanchez saying “We have locations all over the country and we’ve never been or felt as welcomed as we have in Cherokee.”

Of course there was applause from the large crowd following Sanchez’s keen, heart-felt observation.

We’ve been down this road once before two years ago with IFG, but this time was different. After meeting and visiting with them, the entire Lopez Group here presented a candid assessment and genuine excitement and anticipation to get this significant endeavor in operation and “let us do what we do.”

What they do is take cautious, safeguarded steps up the hill, and never a wrong one, while keeping their eyes on the prize of furthering and enhancing their brand with orderly, strategic growth and satisfied customers their lifeblood.

Highly respected throughout the competitive meat processing industry, Lopez Foods focuses on the total safety of their products, employees, and fortunate communities they’re involved in. Leaving nothing to chance, the company proceeds with diligence and expertise until the mission and goals are realized.

They didn’t tell us all this. We gleaned it from listening to them. They’re here because this community - most notably CAEDC Director Bill Anderson and his Board and staff - had answers to all their pertinent questions which allowed Lopez Foods to continue taking more measured step to achieving the success and prosperity they seek in the ag heartland of Iowa.

The Meet & Greet was also a big success if for no other reason than to reveal to Lopez Foods that we’re all in this together - if we can count on you, you can count on us.

May this magical collective handshake never lose its grip.

(Paul Struck)