At the Library

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

November is a month is which gratitude is expressed for the blessings in our lives. There are a multitude of reasons to be thankful for libraries. Here are ten for the sake of brevity:

Libraries improve quality of life - According to a 2013 report by the Pew Research Center, 94 percent of Americans say that having a public library improves the quality of life in a community. This is all members of the community!
One-on-one help for parents - Got a question about potty training or college applications? Maybe a weird rash you’re not sure warrants a doctor? Google will give you a million answers, but the public librarian helps you narrow the search to the right book, resource, or peer.
Ready to read - Library story times help preschoolers get ready to read. Children learn to listen, share, and engage. And parents check out books to read at home. Research shows that reading with kids helps them throughout their life and has a lasting impact on their education.
Teen hang-out - The library provides a safe and relaxing place for teens and tweens to hang out when they aren’t in school or involved in other activities. We do not have many areas in rural communities for tweens to do this!
Homework help - Public libraries help students get their work done outside of school in an area which is safe and there is high speed internet. This is a luxury which isn’t widespread in rural households.
Success at school – educators begin to see a skill gap develop in middle school with those who are not proficient in reading which is much more difficult to overcome as children grow older. Libraries provide free material on many different subjects and interests to enjoy.
Success in life - Research finds that illiteracy or low-literacy is related to drop out rates, poverty, welfare services, and incarceration. Part of the solution seems to be to read.
Free - Anyone can come into a library and stay as long as they like, without spending a penny. The same cannot be said of restaurants and other facilities offering WiFi.
Connection - Public libraries serve as community connectors. They connect people to ideas, to information, to resources, to art and literature and culture. But most of all, libraries connect people to each other.
Libraries reflect a community’s values and are made great by great community involvement. Everything the Cherokee Public Library accomplishes is because of you, the people of Cherokee.
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