Quimby eyes completion of new sewer line

Friday, December 20, 2019

QUIMBY - A new sewer line will service the city of Quimby beginning in spring 2020.

The Quimby City Council unanimously approved the plan for a new line in August after record NW Iowa flood waters caused the previous sewer force main to break under the Little Sioux River in the Cherokee County town in June.

“The new sewer line is strong enough to withhold future flooding of the Little Sioux River and protect our water utilities for the long term,” said Quimby City Councilman and Fire Chief Willie Allbaugh. Allbaugh has been the driving force for Quimby in working with FEMA, DNR, city and county officials to resolve the problem and repair the damage to the infrastructure.

“I’ve been to lots of meetings and developed a good working relationship with FEMA,” noted Allbaugh.

A hauling firm contracted by the city of Quimby had carried wastewater to the lagoon each day from June until August. A temporary line was installed in August on a cable across the river. In November, the new line was bored under the river.

The project was completed by Quimby in partnership with FEMA and the state of Iowa. The total cost of the project was just over $1 million, of which 75 percent was paid by FEMA, 10 percent by the state of Iowa, and 15 percent by the city of Quimby.

The new line will be celebrated alongside a new water well slated for completion in April or May 2020, replacing a Quimby water well from 1933.

Allbaugh said the city’z portion of the project costs will be funded through the city’s water/sewer rates. Quimby is in the process of securing a loan to cover its portion which totals $225,000 based on the formula of FEMA paying 75 percent, the State paying 10 percent, and Quimby 15 percent of the estimated $1 million project.

There are 139 Qui,by residences and 15 businesses connected to city water/sewer lines, who pay a monthly rate for the service.

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