This weeks’ Alumni Spotlight features Dani Hansen!

Monday, January 20, 2020
photo contributed by Jill Phillips

Danielle (Dani) Hansen graduated from Cherokee Washington High School in 2011.  Dani received her post secondary education from Northwest Missouri State University. She currently lives in Franklin, North Carolina and is Environmental Health Specialist.

Dani moved to the mountains in order to pursue her love for the outdoors! She spends most of her free time hiking the Appalachian Trail, close by, or exploring the National Forests near her home. She also loves photography and listening to good tunes. 

Dani’s best memories from attending Cherokee Washington High School include performing improv in speech all four years and said it was SO MUCH FUN! She said a proud moment was her senior night in basketball, when she scored the first two points.  Normally she said she sat on the bench (which she said was fun for her haha), and coach let her start. She hadn’t scored in a varsity game all season so those first two points during the last home game we’re special!

Dani’s words of advice for students: “A few thoughts: get involved, be kind to EVERYONE, and appreciate your teachers. I had two very important teachers that really prepared me for college. Especially as a science student, I used my notes from chemistry class in college. Getting involved and trying new things helps make you well-rounded! It also makes getting involved in college and in the real world less intimidating. And be kind because your fellow classmates and faculty are all humans trying to do their best too. High school shapes who you will grow into, so being a good person now will lead you in the right direction.”

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