A Fond Farewell and New Beginnings

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Last Friday was our director, Zachís, last day serving at the Cherokee Public Library. For nearly four years Zach served as the director to oversee the bureaucratic obligations of the library such as preparing reports for the state library, paying bills, and overseeing all our staff. I always thought of the position as being the parent of the library. Thereís a lot of sacrifices youíre expected to make, and it takes a gargantuan amount of time to keep things running, but Zach always did it with a sense of humor.

The next director will be asked to do much of the same as we transition forward. Iím a little excited and a little sad at the same time. Over the last few years I have been here I have been able to have many great conversations with Zach about pop culture and comics. I remember when I started I had remarked that I read a lot of popular teen manga, something that the library did not have much of, but they were receiving many purchase recommendations by teens and tweens for titles. Zach roasted me in typical Zach fashion at first about my love of anime and manga. I mean it was brutal, but I challenged him to read one volume of a popular title. All it took was that single, lonely volume to get him hooked on not one, but several series which he still follows to this date (and have been the basis for office discussion for well over a year and a half now). I know that he will also miss overseeing KeeCon as well as our monthly D&D events for adult patrons. Roll Initiative will continue to go on as planned monthly, but I am unsure of KeeCon at this point. It is an event that really empowers teens and has strengthened our bond with the high school, a venue which I have not had a lot of impact due to time constraints with my position. Hopefully the next director will see the value of this event and help facilitate the continuation of KeeCon into 2021.

I too learned a lot from Zach, from using Canva to make our social media flyers to learning to not take myself so seriously with kids. Iím unsure how much Iíll miss the obscure Star Wars trivia (but donít tell him that!)

Our talented board is currently reviewing applications for our new director, and Iíve heard that there are some genuinely impressive candidates from across the US who have applied for the position. I find it humbling that a community the size of Cherokee is attracting applicants from far and wide thanks in part to our efforts to serve our patrons. Regardless of who is chosen for the position, the staff and new director will ensure that we keep you, our patrons first for any decisions made for service to our community.