Petersen runs for Supervisor

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

In the June 2 Primary Election, Republicans Don Drefke of Marcus and Bryan Petersen of Cleghorn face off for the District 2 Cherokee County Board of Supervisors post, and Democrat Linda Bindner of Marcus awaits that winner in the Nov. 3 General Election.

Incumbent Republicans Rick Mongan and Duane Mummert are running unopposed, and Wane Miller and Gary Lundqust terms are not up for election.

Petersen and wife, Laura, are lifetime residents of Cherokee County and have raised two children on their rural Cleghorn farm.

“I was brought up understanding the importance of the community and strong leadership and am proud of those honest values,” said Petersen.  “After serving on multiple committees, church boards, and several terms on the MMC School Board, I would bring what I have learned, along with my ideals and level-headedness, to help our County in any way I can.” 

Petersen highlights some of the roles of County Supervisor, including maintaining a budget and dispersing funds to County committees, and working within a budget.

“This can be difficult, however, my years as Secretary/Treasurer for our Township and life as a farmer have given me the experience to create and maintain a balanced budget,” noted Petersen.

Acting as a liaison between members of County committees and as a representative of the public’s opinion are also Board member roles, according to the Cleghorn native.

“I believe my involvement on the school board, as an Elder for my church, and my logical demeanor have equipped me with skills to help me listen and communicate ideas effectively.” Oversee County projects and employees is also vital. “Throughout my nine years working for Little Sioux Corn Processors, I was charged with managing the daily tasks and employees in my department.  Currently, my role working within the DOT has exposed me to what is working well and what needs improvement within the inner workings of our Courthouse.”

Petersen believes the County needs to continue to improve its infrastructure, maintain financial responsibility, and give employees the tools they need to succeed. 

During this time of COVID-19 uncertainty, he urges voters to request and return an absentee ballot, the smartest and safest way to vote this year. 

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