Make America Grate Again

Friday, May 29, 2020

There’s an email floating around out there from GOP interests with the subject, “He needs the TRUTH from the Republican party.” Such emails normally ask for a donation but this time they want the TRUTH.

It asks, “He needs to know the truth, which is why we only have one more question for you...Do you stand with President Trump?”

Actually, we did at the start, but after weighing all the evidence he’s supplied to date, his eager estrangement from the truth, his corrupt “dealings” camouflaged by Presidential cache, and the fact he has the demonic gall to turn a life and death pandemic crisis into shameful political rallies, we’d have to say No.

Yes, his supporters and party loyalists may blindly stand with him, but more and more are doing so with backs turned, some even walking away in disgust like the rest of us, and like everyone should, knowing by now what we have in this guy.

The main problem as always is that Donald Trump would not recognize the truth if it walked into the Lincoln Bedroom in a Teddie, and we don’t mean Roosevelt. For his party to publicly seek the “truth” in his name is as foolishly incriminating as raising your hand before the ref blows the whistle.

The esteemed Washington Post reported that President Trump made 16,241 false or misleading claims in his first three years as President. Competent people call them lies. And he’s embarrassingly added to that total in leaps and bounds in the last four months, lying to all of us about the deadly COVID-19.

There is something wrong with the world when its most powerful leader wants us to tell him the truth - something he seldom subscribes to - and a world-leading newspaper fact checks and accurately reveals his totally indefensible dishonesty.

(Paul Struck)