Changes at the Public Library

Monday, June 15, 2020
Tyler Hahn
Photo by Nicholas J. Brewer

Things are certainly changing over at the Cherokee Public Library. Tyler Hahn, the former Youth Librarian, has accepted the position of Library Director.

Hahn has been working with the library for about 2 1/2 years with youth and special services. On June 10, Hahn was offered the position after expressing interest in the position. Hahn says that he's really excited for the new position, and is grateful to the community.

With Hahn now being the new Director, the Youth Services position he once had will be open, but with a few changes. While Hahn's former position was “Youth and Special Services Librarian,” the position focused heavily on programming and outreach. A significant amount of his time would be spent planning outreach for different community organizations and attending planning sessions with other educators and after school organizations.

The new position now available will be known as the "Programing and Outreach Librarian." It will have the same responsibilities that Tyler had, but with some tech and adult programing mixed in.

Hahn will be assisting with programming in his new role also, so he will still get to visit schools and daycares in the area, as well as be involved with the middle and high school. If you think you or someone you know would be a great fit send them by the library or send their resume to Hahn at

In addition to the new Library Director, Judy, their Tech Services Librarian, will now be known as our “Administrative Librarian” or “Library Administrator”. It’s a title name subject to change, but focuses on Judy’s longtime expertise on cataloging and keeping statistics while also allowing Hahn the opportunity to have another set of eyes managing the budget by keeping reports and noting expenditures immediately.

Their hope is that with both working together they can make the library budget more user friendly for board members and those in the community who have an interest in library operation. Judy helped write her new job description, and Tyler is looking forward to the additional help while he learns more of the managerial responsibilities and expectations of directorship.

Hahn replaces former director Zach Freking-Smith, who resigned in April.

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