Aw, shoot!

Monday, July 20, 2020

We applaud the Cherokee City Council and Administrator Eric List for addressing the 4th of July fireworks ban in the City, as it was a confusing boondoggle for both residents and law enforcement ever since the State allowed their sale (in 2017) but left it up to the municipalities whether to allow them to be shot off or not.

The mere concept of traveling North 2nd Street (U.s. Highway 59) to a huge fireworks tent outlet, purchasing the “legal” celebratory explosives, and then going home unable to light them is sillier than a Jimmy Fallon monologue.


The situation was a nightmare for law enforcement officers as they would receive many complaints, but if they had not personally witnessed them being shot off, could do nothing but caution alleged, smirking violators to knock it off.

According to the City, about a dozen citations were issued this year for illegally shooting fireworks in the City Limits, and many more incidents investigated with few caught “red handed.”

A new City Ordinance allowing fireworks to be shot off noon to 10 p.m. on July 3-4 each year will undoubtedly be approved at the July 28 Council meeting. This ordinance will help rectify a confusing, ill-conceived State of Iowa measure that took us all half way there.

In fact, we’re going to light a few Blackcats and Bottle Rockets tonight to celebrate this sound, logical City action. But don’t tell anyone!

(Paul Struck)

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