The devil in us

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

A couple in Britain have won the right to name their child Lucifer, a name banned in many countries for obvious reasons.

In today’s world and religious connotation, Lucifer is synonymous with the Devil or Satan. Hm-mm, did those Brits expect or know something nobody else does? Royalty usually doesn’t roll like that. Prim and proper and all that jolly good regal rubbish, don’t you know?

Infants are clothed in pink or blue colors depending upon gender. Was their child dressed in red? Or, perhaps, smokey black? Does he get a teething ring or a trident for his first birthday?

There seems to be some people who value their rights more than common sense, the norms of society, and the reality that their child will suffer his entire life for their choice. There are unsubstantiated rumors they’ll name their first daughter Brimstone or Ghislaine Maxwell.

There are literally thousands of names that would be a better choice for their son including Paul, such as the Apostle, Bunyan, Newman, Simon, or Ru. Wait a minute. “Drag” that last one out of there so we can remain on a surname basis and stay gender appropriate.

“A Boy named Sue” brought Johnny Cash a million dollar gold seller and championed the toughness of a lad bullied for his embarrassing moniker. But, Lucifer?

Parents shouldn't put their child through hell just to make a point.

Paul Struck