Takin’ care of business

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

We take for granted “our” FBI. God love ‘em and bless ‘em.

Not enough can be said for the Bureau’s diligence, intelligence and smackdown of those armed bad boys attempting and failing to kidnap and take down the Michigan Governor and possibly even assassinate her. On our own soil!

Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio? The nation turns its lonely eye to you…

That’s why we’ve been so very troubled by the current President’s treatment of the FBI in a blatant attempt to declaw it and keep it from investigating and holding him accountable. Trump fired two FBI heads in two years until he got “his boy” in there. But he can’t fire all the dedicated agents and staffers who lay their lives on the line 24-7 for a paycheck and more importantly, their love of America and all she used to stand for until four years ago.

We have family in the Bureau from way back. Confidentially, we were privy to the FBI working closely with the Mafia to “negotiate” the release of our hostages in Iran if President Jimmy Carter Administration’s political ploys failed.. Many years ago we learned that the Bureau was utilizing Dr. J (Erving) to investigate and address cocaine usage and dealing and laundered monies in the NBA. The folk music group Peter, Paul and Mary was under surveillance for years for their #1 song “Puff the Magic Dragon” because it was thought to be a code anthem for the drug culture and hippie radicals then threatening government buildings and politicians over Vietnam War protests.

An immediate family member, bilingual with law degree in hand, was going to make a career in the FBI until she learned she was to strap on a gun and work the drug cartels in major U.S. cities - certainly no place to raise a family. And at age 36 we were shown a copy of our own police report for a stop sign violation warning 20 years prior!

You want far-reaching expertise, dedication and results? Call the FBI.

Fellow Americans, we’re all in this together - especially after 911 and before the 2016 election - but alleged Proud Boy militants attempting to kidnap and perhaps kill Governors? Our gun stores running out of ammo? Hatred blazing within families and friends because of politics? A raging pandemic running amuck and killing hundreds of thousands?

Why is this happening and why now?


Somebody call the FBI. Better make that the rank and file FBI.

Paul Struck