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Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Hello again, readers! I was amazed by the response a few weeks ago regarding Libby and access to e-magazines and audiobooks offered by the Cherokee Public Library! Not even halfway through the month, we have doubled magazine usage and have added several new users to the system. It’s results like this which help inform the library board and myself which direction to take (as well as what I should probably talk more about in this space.)

With that in mind, I am going to see if we can make lightning strike twice. Did you know that the library has a collection of non-fiction materials on a host of subjects? Each month a portion of our book order is devoted to purchasing new materials about the tangible world, developing soft skills to improve yourself, and even books philosophical thought. With the New Year around the corner, this is a great time to resolve to read more book, or to improve upon yourself in another way.

Currently, our non-fiction materials make up around 12% of our total collection (remember we differentiate materials from all sections, and also from easy and junior non-fiction) and make up only a fraction of our total circulation. Books in the non-fiction section cover everything from religion and philosophy in 100-200, to crafting and crochet patterns in the 700s, and finally anything you want to learn about history in 900s.

Personally, I read from the non-fiction section often. I would find myself listening to podcasts like “Ologies” and “Myths and Legends” where I wanted to know more, wanted to read the original text from a source, or even wanted to read what the person being interviewed had written. As with everything else, if you’re seeing a book coming out that you would think would make a great fit for the library, please let us know by stopping by and calling the library, or by visiting our website and filling out the purchase suggestion form.

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