Library Article

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Hello again, readers! This week I have exciting news in that the library is opening more hours. Now, the library is open 10-6 on Monday, 10-5 on Tuesday and Wednesday, 10-6 on Thursday, 10-5 on Friday, and 10-2 on Saturday. Programming is slowing being reworked into the mix also, so be sure to keep a keen eye on our social media as well as this column for announcements of upcoming programming and events at the library.

It is hard to believe that it was a year ago when schools and businesses were closing down. I remember Monday, March 16th vividly, in that we had an emergency board meeting to discuss the virus and question what we were going to do because of schools closing. The board voted unanimously to close the library to the public at the end of the business day and then continue operations and service through a curbside service model until there was a confirmed case in Cherokee county. The staff also undertook the first complete inventory of the stacks, which had not been done in quite a number of years.

During curbside, the staff learned a lot and adapted quickly to the demands and research trends of how long the virus could live on material. There were many unknowns, so we started quarantining material for a whole week. Eventually, we learned that a few days would be sufficient to protect our patrons. We also had a chance to come together and work on staff projects together. Everyone on staff learned the back end of the circulation system, as well as equipment like the 3D printer.

That brings us to today, after a long, slog through the last twelve months, we’re just about at the end of this horrible ordeal. The library is very much open for business, so stop in, sit, read, browse, and most importantly connect with the staff members and fellow members of the community through shared interests. The library just asks you wear a mask. Programming is slowly underway once again, so stop by on Mondays for Sit & Stitch, or Thursdays in the morning for Read-It. The third Saturday of the month will continue to be a socially distanced Roll Initiative experience for tabletop gamers in the community.