Saving Brummer Building

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

In 1869 a successful farmer named J.H. Brummer brought his family to Cherokee County. It was always his dream to own or build buildings. Brummer then purchased lots on Main Street and began construction.

What became of this was a three story structure that would honor his name and he spared little expense. He fully faced the structure with Sioux Falls pink quartzite and the exquisite woodwork throughout the building still graces all the rooms. We know it today as the Brummer Building.

Since its inception 125 years ago, the Brummer Building has become a landmark structure that has housed over 50 businesses from Attorney’s offices to dance studios and more than a few owners.

In the past decade the building has sat idle and, as with all buildings, time has taken its toll to the point where eventually it may be deemed hazardous. It would cost taxpayers over a million dollars to raze the building, not to mention having an ignominious parking lot directly on Main Street.

Fortunately, a group of concerned citizens have formed a non-profit, The Brummer Legacy Foundation, and have taken on the massive undertaking of saving the building and putting it to use to make it a structure Cherokee can be proud of. The building is in the process of being purchased from an out-of-state owner.

The Phase 1 goal for purchasing and performing serious structural repairs is $100,000. In a short amount of time, close to $50,000 has been raised, most of which are donations from concerned citizens who want to save this building. Future phases will require additional funding, but securing the building is the essential first step.

Look for fun fund-raising events in the future, however, if you are so inclined, an immediate donation is truly what is needed here. Please drop off your tax deductible donation at Cherokee State Bank for the Brummer Legacy Foundation or fill out a pledge card and drop it off at Loughlin Law Firm. They also accept Venmo @BrummerLegacy.

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer please contact by e-mail More information can be found at

As I have expressed before, I stay truly amazed at the generosity and community spirit of the citizens of Cherokee and am confident in your response. Let’s all do what we can to save this landmark building.

Craig Schmidt

Mayor, Cherokee

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