Council OKs special use permits

Friday, September 17, 2021

The Cherokee City Council Tuesday night reviewed recommendations of the Planning & Zoning Commission on three applications for special/conditional use permits. It is the report and recommendation of the Commission to approve all three permits. Council then unanimously approved a special/conditional use permit for Creative Minds Daycare to operate a child development home as defined by 411 IAC 110.1 (237A) in R1 at 607 N. Saratoga Ave.; for Cherokee Regional Medical Center for signage in R-2 for proposed monument, wayfinding, directory and building mounted signage at 300 Sioux Valley Dr. and on-campus and off-premise signs to be installed in 2021; and for Pat Harrision, 1727 Linden St., to dig a 300’ deep well to water livestock. The proposed location of the well is an estimated 1515’ from the closest City main and the property is currently being served by Cherokee Rural Water.

After a public hearing on proposed purchase of real estate for FEMA flood disaster mitigation, the Council adopted a Resolution Approving Real Estate Contract to Purchase Real Estate for FEMA Disaster Buy-out, for the property located at 218 E. Elm St.

Council also adopted a Resolution Approving Agreement for City Bridge Federal-Aid Swap Funding. Iowa DOT reimbursement for the reconstruction of the Euclid Ave. bridge over Railroad Creek is limited to 100% of the eligible bridge replacement or rehabilitation construction costs, or a maximum of $1 million, whichever is less. The City will be responsible for engineering costs. The preliminary estimate of project construction costs is $550,000.

In other action, the Council reviewed a Cherokee County Conservation Office’s IDNR application for a water trail planning grant on the Little Sioux River in Cherokee County, and approved the quote from SCE, LLC, in the amount of $11,931.29 for the removal and replacement of a 16” butterfly valve at the waste water treatment plant.

Kelly Kannegieter, representing Cherokee Youth Summer Ball Association (CYSBA), requested an adjustment to the sewer charge on their utility bill. An outside spigot was left on, therefore none of the excess water went down the sewer. Council approved the reduction in sewer charge.

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