Supervisors’ organizational meeting

Friday, January 7, 2022

Rick Mongan was elected Chair and Wane Miller Vice Chair at the Cherokee County Board of Supervisors annual organizational meeting Tuesday.

The Board also approved Auditor Kris Glienke as Board Clerk and named the Chronicle Times, Aurelia Star, and Marcus News as official newspapers for Year 2022. County employee mileage rate was set at 50-cents per mile, and the 28-member Eminent Domain Commission was approved for 2022.

The Supervisors updated their committee assignments as follows:

•Solid Waste Commission – Lundquist, Miller/alternate

•Cherokee Area Economic Development – Mongan, Miller/alternate

•USDA Rural Revolving Loan Committee - Mongan

•EMA Commission – Mongan, Petersen/alternate

•EMS Committee – Mummert, Petersen/alternate

•Local Emergency Planning Commission – Mummert, Petersen/alternate, Don Fiser/ad hoc representative

•E911 – Mongan, Miller/alternate

•Ambulance CRMC – Mongan, Mummert

•Board of Health – All Supervisors

•SIMPCO – Petersen, Lundquist/alternate

•Siouxland Regional Transit Services – Petersen, Lundquist/alternate

•Regional Workforce Development Board – Miller, Mongan/alternate

•Third Judicial Representative – Petersen, Mongan/alternate

•Youth Emergency Services Center Board – Mongan, Mummert/alternate

•Rolling Hills Region Governance Board – Miller, Lundquist/alternate

•Cherokee County Residential Services, Inc. – Mongan, Miller/alternate

•Plains Area Mental Health – Miller, Mummert/alternate

•MHI Citizens Advisory Board – All Supervisors

•Mid Sioux Opportunities – Mongan, Mummert/alternate

•Northwest Early Child Iowa Board (NECI) – Lundquist

•REAP – Lundquist, Mummert

•Loess Hills Development & Conservation Authority – Mummert

•County Fairs –Mummert, Lundquist/alternate

•Courthouse Committee – Lundquist, Mummert

•Court Facility Security Committee – Lundquist, Mummert

•Safety Committee – Mongan, Lundquist

•IT Committee – Miller

•County Employee Personnel Committee – Lundquist, Mongan

ªCounty Shop – All Supervisors

In further action, the Board reappointed Brad Husman to the Cherokee County Conservation Board for a five (5) year term ending December 31, 2026; reappointed Rick Angell to the Cherokee Aviation Authority for a four (4) year term ending December 31, 2025; reappointed Matt Todd as Cherokee County Weed Commissioner for a one (1) year term ending December 31, 2022; reappointed Dr. Timothy Rice as Cherokee County Medical Examiner for a two (2) year term ending December 31, 2023; appointed Kayla Ludvigson as Board of Health member for a three (3) year term ending December 31, 2024; reappointed Dr. Timothy Rice as Board of Health member for a three (3) year term ending December 31, 2024; reappointed Jodi Schlichting as Civil Service Commissioner for a six (6) year term ending December 31, 2027.

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